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One Group, 140 Distributors

Single Gateway
Being a Supplier to THS provides a single gateway to the purchasing, marketing and payment activities of over 140 distribution outlets and their end-user customers that may otherwise be difficult to access.

National Distribution Network
There are over 100 Members equating to over 140 distribution outlets providing THS with National UK & Republic of Ireland coverage.

Consolidated Member Accounts
The THS central invoicing and credit philosophy offers Suppliers outstanding advantages in terms of trading convenience and direct cost saving, providing one central point compared with the option of dealing on an individual basis with over 140 outlets.



Supplier Partnerships
THS has a good understanding of its Suppliers strategies and offers focused assistance to achieve pre-negotiated turnover targets with the Group. Dedicated Procurementalso aid supplier development and evaluation and look to identify new market areas.



Annual Exhibition
THS hosts an Annual Exhibition giving Suppliers the opportunity to meet with key principle buyers from Members all in one location. The event also provides a platform for Suppliers to launch new products and form new key business partnerships.

World Class Marketing
THS offers comprehensive marketing support with bespoke publications and literature. Regular promotions and advertising give Suppliers the opportunity to target end-user customers via the Membership in ways that may otherwise be difficult to address directly resulting in a cost-effective increase in market awareness and product positioning.

THS can assist Members with the creation of bespoke promotional literature. The programme allows printed leaflets to be created as well as a Multi-Media DVD containing promotions and product demonstrations and e-shots with the latest special offers.

Top Deals
THS produces this end-user publication for the industrial / engineering sector. The A4 end-user publication gives Suppliers the opportunity to communicate directly with the consumer

Internet Marketing
THS has a comprehensive internet programme to assist Members in online trading. Suppliers have the opportunity to include products and advertising.

Supplier Guide Catalogue
The THS Supplier Guide, showcases the Suppliers, Brands and Products available in the Group in a concise and professional catalogue.  This can be useful when approaching new customers or bidding for contracts.



International Partnerships
THS Tools is a Member of the Eurocraft Buying Group giving them European buying power and allowing them to learn key lessons and share experience. As the partnership expands, opportunities will develop to access European markets and companies.


Supplier Information

Supplier Information

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