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Preferential Buying Advantages
Aggregated volumes and cost benefits mean that Members have access to ongoing substantial, preferential buying terms enabling them to compete against the 'Multiples'.

Achievable Minimum Order Values
This allows distributors to offer their customers a wider variety of products that may not otherwise be accessible to the independent by offering achievable MOV's.

Large Product Portfolio
An extensive product portfolio, equal to that of major national distributors, allows access to a broad product range.

Consolidated Supplier Accounts
Members receive cost saving benefits by dealing with THS centrally for payments rather than dealing with 190 plus individual Suppliers accounts.

Maintained Independence
THS Tools provides Members with the necessary sales tools and advice which enables them to choose the options best suited to target their individual customer base, ensuring continued independence.



Business Development
THS has a good understanding of its Members strategies which allows them to offer support in the areas that are most valued by the Member. THS can highlight key sales opportunities to exploit to maximum effect whilst offering advice to help overcome potential areas of concern.

Supplier Partnerships
THS has focused procurement looking after Suppliers to ensure the Group receives the best terms and trading support for Member. They ensure that targets are set and monitored and price increases are controlled.

Operations Team
The THS Operations Department is available to assist Members in gaining ISO accreditation to improve their business processes and procedures. Assistance can also be given in implementing health and safety and environmental policies, all vital when tendering for contracts.



World Class Marketing
THS offers a comprehensive marketing programme including an extensive portfolio of bespoke publications and literature. The extensive marketing portfolio provides Members with the opportunity of regular sales contact with their individual customers, enabling an ongoing level of business generation and raising profit at levels that many independent distributors would not have either the resources or budget to achieve.

THS can assist Members with the production of bespoke promotional literature. The programme allows printed leaflets to be created as well as a Multi-Media DVD containing promotions and product demonstrations and e-shots with the latest special offers.

Top Deals
Top Deals is a professional end-user publication for the industrial/engineering sector.  This A4 publications includes a wide range of promotions from the industries leading brands.

Internet Marketing
THS has a comprehensive internet programme to assist Members in online trading, offering support on individual sites as well as a new Group online platform.

Supplier Guide Catalogue
The THS Supplier Guide, produced annually, showcases the Suppliers, Brands and Products available in the Group in a concise and professional catalogue.

Regular Events Programme
THS has a range of focused events throughout the year allowing Members to communicate with co-Members and discuss the THS strategy.
Member Forum
Annual Exhibition

THS Members are offered a full support network led by an interactive website featuring extensive Group information and a quick and easy way to communicate with your fellow Members who can offer advice and additional product opportunities.



International Partnerships
THS Tools is a Member of the Eurocraft Buying Group giving them European buying power and allowing them to learn key lessons and share experience.

Supplier Information

Supplier Information

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